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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?

The banner ads at this site have been telling me on and off to subscribe to my local cable company so that I can watch "new" episodes of Primeval.

I'm amazed when I hear people talking about "new" shows that are only still "new" shows because these people are so morally superior as to abstain from downloading these shows when they first air in their country of origin, like Primeval, on the internet a year ago.

If Primeval needed less than 2 million North Americans watching to stay afloat, it's kinda sad if 40 million people downloaded the series and enjoyed it a year ago, and therefore do not have to subscribe to their local cable station and series falters then expires.

Continuum is a better show. Also made in Canada, sold to America then the world. Same market. Same audience. 40 million people download every episode, but it plods on.
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