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Re: Could Vanguard ever be a TV Mini-series

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Yeah, I'm sure Vanguard would make a great TV series, and it's cool that people are so enthusiastic about it, but a bit of a reality check here: With the possible exception of one or two Doctor Who novels, which were written by people who eventually ended up working on the actual TV show, tie-in novels never get adapted to film. That's just not the way things work.
There were also a couple of Batman: The Animated Series tie-in comics, the Holiday Special and Mad Love, which got adapted largely verbatim (with some cuts and minor revisions) into episodes of the revived series. However, they were both created by members of the show's own staff.

Oh, yes, and one issue of Marvel's non-canonical Gargoyles tie-in comic was adapted into the episode "The Price." That's a very rare case where the creators adapted a story they didn't do themselves.

Also, there's a case to be made that ST:TAS's "The Time Trap" may have been, shall we say, an unacknowledged adaptation of Gold Key's Trek comic "Museum at the End of Time" from the previous year. Either that or it's an incredible coincidence. (Then again, VGR's "The Void" was nearly the same story a third time.)

Otherwise, the only Trek productions adapted from prose works have been based on original, non-Trek works, namely "The Slaver Weapon" and "Tin Man." (And technically "Arena," though there the similarity was accidental and they just bought the rights to Fredric Brown's story to avoid the risk of a lawsuit, and to be gracious since Gene Coon realized he might've been unconsciously remembering the story.)
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