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Re: Turning 50 on the 22d...

Well, I'm 50 years, one week. All is well!

Hubby drove us all the way from Fresno to Hollywood in the middle of the night to try to get a limited edition Disney pin set for me. I think he was in "male hunter" mode--you know, "must go out, stalk and kill little bit of metal." Anyway, our "randomly drawn" numbers precluded our getting one! But a very nice young couple we met managed to get two sets and contacted us to sell us one set at cost. Such nice people you can meet!! It was quite cool in the morning dark, and I shared the blanket we had with the girl, as we were both cold as we talked for a few hours. We're all hoping to keep in touch.

One thing we've learned over time: While not everyone is "good" or "bad," some people are just that bit more special. When we meet such people, we try to support and nurture that specialness. It's not that common and can be lost if not tended. Sometimes it's just mentoring, sometimes just friendship; occasionally, it's actual financial help. But that kind of goodness must be actively encouraged and preserved. It's really not all that common.
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