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Paramount was only the distributor, since they hadn't yet bought the series outright from Roddenberry.
I've been a bit confused on this issue. As I recall, Joel Engel's biography mentions that Paramount bought out Roddenberry's stake in the property, but Inside Star Trek: The Real Story insists that never actually happened. What's your source on this?
My source is the actual copyright in the TAS credits, right there onscreen. It says "(c) COPYRIGHT FILMATION ASSOC.-NORWAY PROD. 1973." Paramount didn't have a copyright on the original episodes, so I figured it didn't own them. Although it did have a copyright on the Foster novelizations, which is confusing.

Anyway, Norway gets a copyright credit along with Paramount on The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and the TMP novelization's copyright page lists both Paramount and Gene Roddenberry. But neither Roddenberry nor Norway gets a copyright credit on anything later than that as far as I can tell.

But the real point I was trying to make here is that TAS was a production of Filmation. Like the Bad Robot movies, it's a Trek production that was subcontracted to a different studio and distributed by Paramount, rather than actually being produced in-house at Paramount (or Desilu) like all the other series.

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- Since when do starship personal carry an identity card?
How do we know they haven't always and it just never came up? Or maybe it was a recently adopted security measure.
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