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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Lexington, 2267

They had caged him like an animal but Bendes Ketteract didnít care. He wasnít surprised that these ignorant and terrified fools had treated him in this manner. He had come to expect it. And it no longer mattered. Not now that he had been given a glimpse at perfection.

For that was exactly what the Omega molecule was. Pure perfection.

And he was the only person in the galaxy who knew how to stabilize it.

Wesley thought that he had destroyed the boronite on the surface and the material was rare enough that it would take decades to source enough of it to attempt to synthesize another Omega molecule. What Wesley didnít realize nor did the foolish new Queen of the Xenarth, that Chelra was a lot more cunning and resourceful than her fellow Xenarth gave her credit for.

Of course it had been mostly his idea to move some of the Xenarth boronite reserve to a secondary site but in the wake of possible civil war she had agreed and while they had watched Wesley incinerate the main stockpile, Chelra and Ketteract had been assured in the knowledge that a second stash remained in a secure and unknown location.

No matter how cunning however, he doubted very much that the young Scholar Queen would be able to attempt synthesizing any more of the molecule even with the boronite available. The new administration would immediately seize and destroy any remaining boronite if they were made aware of its existence and the resources required to create just one Omega molecule were far to extensive to be able to do it in secrecy.

No, the Xenarth would not be able to make another attempt in quite some time.

That was perfectly alright with Ketteract. He was happy to take the credit himself.

He got out his bulky tricorder and quickly dismantled the bottom to find a large hollow compartment within. Except for it wasnít hollow anymore.

Ketteract used his fingers to pry into the device and very carefully retrieve a long, smooth brick of pure boronite-235 in its densest form. It wasnít much but it was more than enough to get started on synthesizing at least a handful of Omega molecules.

As for resources he was not concerned.

It didnít even matter what Wesley and his crew would put in their reports. Ketteract was well connected within the Federation scientific community and he was convinced that his current status as persona non grata wouldnít last very long.

It wouldnít be difficult to convince people to follow him and have the chance to artificially produce the power of gods.

He knew of a scientific research station out in the Lantaru sector far off any trading or patrol routes and away from the prying eyes of self-righteous Starfleet captains like Wesley and their ilk.

It would be the perfect place for the re-birth of the Omega molecule.
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