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Re: Revisiting TAS...

"Mudd's Passion" *

Conman Harry Mudd returns only to be caught trying to peddle a love potion.

Ouch! This is hurt by less than inspired writing and generally flat voice acting. The episode's redeeming element is having scored Roger C. Carmel to reprise the role of Harcourt Fenton Mudd. But the rest of the story is just embarrassing and not aided by a number of WTF moments.

- Why is Nurse Chapel walking around aboard ship with a hand phaser?
- Since when do starship personal carry an identity card?
- How can Chapel be so freaking gullible after everything known about Mudd?
- Spock acts more stupid then he did in TOS' "This Side Of Paradise" (at least there he was convincing).
Kirk risks his ass in the hope the potion will make one of the gigantisaurs more friendly. Granted that you shouldn't look for any sort of credibility in a Saturday morning cartoon, but that tiny dose of potion seemed to be rather potent to work so fast on a ginormaus creature with an alien biology.

The story isn't just embarrassing but derivative as well. A new love potion (as opposed to the original Venus drug used in TOS' "Mudd's Women") again being peddled to miners (albeit alien miners now being included).

Part of the problem is the whole exercise lacks nuance. It's so obvious and heavy-handed. That said it probably could have been done as a live-action story assuming more could have been fleshed out of it given that there's so little here to work with. This is really disappointing given some of the much better efforts TAS managed to produce.

Another problem is that Harry Mudd is such a one note character: the charming rogue and conman. The only way to make it interesting is to tell an interesting story which is something they fail to do here.
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