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Agent Richard07
Re: "Upstream Color" ‘Primer’s Shane Carruth returns!

^ I felt the same way. Someone at the IMDb described this as "an extended film school project gone awry" and I agree. It's extremely artsy to the point where I didn't know what was going on at times. I had to read up on the film afterwards to get some clarification. While doing so, I see that a lot of people did manage to follow the movie and I was surprised to see that it got a lot of positive reviews, including an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite not being able to understand a lot of it, I didn't find it boring. It held my attention mostly because I was waiting for something to click. In the end, it's worth checking out and I'd love to know what others think of it. I'm even willing to give it another go someday.
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