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I like Vic!

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. . .Plus no one on the DS9 crew slept with Vic.
Yeah, but I think Nog was getting close to it during that time he crashed at Vic's place for a week.
I got the same impression.

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I don't mind Vic as a character, it's the idea that 24th-century people will all be obsessed with 20th-century Earth that bothers me. Why isn't anyone ever nostalgic about 22nd-century Betazed, or 19th-century Romulus?
How do you know there aren't groups of people who aren't nostalgic about 22nd-century Betazed, or 19th-century Romulus? And there probably will be people in the 24th century who are interested in the 20th century culture.

There are all sorts of re-enactment groups. And even hundreds of years ago there were themed costume balls where everyone would dress up like ancient Romans or something.

There was a HUGE craze for all things ancient Egypt in the late 19th century.

Plenty of people are interested in history, and there always will be an interest.

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I didn't care for Vic. I'm not a fan of the 1960s era of entertainment of cheesy lounge singers and guady decor.

I watched DS9 for Star Trek, sci-fi, and space battles. If I wanted cheese I'd watch an old Rat Pack movie or listen to some Frank Sinatra crap.

But that's just me. To each his own.
Everyone has their own tastes. I love the Rat Pack! I like Frankie so much that I bought an Mp3 album at Amazon called: Nothing But The Best [The Frank Sinatra Collection] so I can listen to his music anytime I like.
Just call me Spot.
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