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Re: 'Gravity' (2012) dir. by Alfonso Cuarón 3D sci-fi space thriller

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I notice that this teaser is all one long shot. Cuaron seems to like those long shots. I remember he included at least two of them in The Prisoner of Azkaban and several more in Children of Men.
The short film he contributed to Paris, je t'aime was also one long take. It seems to be his preferred mode of shooting, at least when the budget allows for it.
It's theatre, basically. There are no cuts in a stage play.

Getting everything done in one shot without having to make any cuts is a director's greatest achievement.

Okay, today they are fooling you into seamlessness because they create digital transitions between cuts. The behind the scenes of Children of Men pretty much ruins the film in that regard.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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