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ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Voyager Ep Counterpoint (Season 5)

I just finished this episode with what i believe is kathryns first (and only) on-screen makeout session.... with the Devore Kashik

They are basically cardassians and Kashik is completely modeled after Gul Dukat.

What kills me about this episode is how weak the plot and storyline are... *Telepaths have to find a wormhole that skitters around, before they bad guys find out they are in their space*

1. What methods did all the previous fugitive telepaths use to find the wormhole before voyager came along?

2. Why did the Davore need to scan bulkheads and railings and basically a ton of shit telepaths could never hide in with their little tricorder things?

3. Would it not make sense to have some other "ghost" telepaths on your Strike team.. to find wayward telepaths??

4. How is it the Devore sensors cant detect ships that use their own refractive shield technology? It implies they cant find their own ships?

5. Not quite sure why Kashik (who knew about the telepaths in the transporter buffer in the first place) needed to go through the whole defection charade. Seems he could have confiscated the telepaths and the ship at any time (did he need help trying to find the unfindable wormhole that skitters around???)

6. In the closing scene, all the fugitive telepaths were on the shuttles EXCEPT tuvok (and i assume ensign vorek).. And they werent in the transporter buffer... So where..were..they???

Some of this is probably nitpicky but I very nearly shut the episode off twice. It was unintersting and unbelievable..
complete disappointment

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