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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series
This is my idea for a new star trek show, i have plans for a pilot and some ideas for future episodes. I have a few ideas on other characters and actors who I could see playing them. The idea I have could be for either a tv show / web fan series / books.

I am looking for others to join me in this project. Would anyone be interested in helping me put this project together?
I hate to sound discouraging, but as is, the plot sounds a bit generic. I think you need to flesh out the plot outline more. The unnamed "popular" Captain and the "by the book" First Officer sound like Kirk and Spock 2.0. Also, the idea that Starfleet Intelligence would want a first officer to be secretly assigned to undermine his Captain "to ensure that every mission is a success" sounds illogical to me. If a branch of Starfleet doesn't have faith in the Captain, why give him the job in the first place?

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In 2899 the Federation has reached its peak, and the galaxy is a peaceful place. Mankind has lost its curiosity and will to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy and is instead only concerned in keeping the peace of the Federation and making it a secure place.
The Federation is made of numeous alien races. Have all of those other alien races lost their curiosity to explore as well? As is, this plot outline sounds very human-centric.

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This is until a group of Iconians appear in the Alpha Quadrant, shocked to see Iconians alive they are even more shocked to hear their warnings. The species that wiped them out are back, their singularity has reopened, as it does every millenia and they are back once more to purge the galaxy again.
Why would the Iconians wait till the last minute to warn the Federation? Why would the Iconians - a technologically advanced race - spend a millenia in hiding? Why does Species 8472... er... the aliens... feel the need to "purge" the galaxy? If they do it every millenia, why have they been unable to succeed in wiping all of us out?

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Sorry to disappoint you, but the initial idea of Trek was not to offer a new space battle every week. That only really took off when DS9, VOY and the other newer installments decided to cater to the dregs of fandom.
I do think that DS9 did a good job with the Dominion war stories. Some of the space battles could have been handled better (a few times there was way too much "eye candy" on screen), but the stories were well written. Voyager and Enterprise tried to copy that style, and the results were pretty bad. I don't like space battles just for the sake of space battles in Star Trek.

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