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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

The "rerun era"... It was different, I'll say that. I first came to Star Trek by way of original run TAS and toy commercials, so early I can't really remember when it began. TOS soon followed, usually on weekend afternoons. When I was about 8 an independent UHF station started in my area, and they started showing TOS on weekdays, or seven days a week, and kept it through my high school years. They switched to a VHF channel when I was 16-17.

About twice a year, the station would change its schedule and move Star Trek somewhere else. Every time they changed the schedule, though, it seemed like they would re-start the order of episodes. I had no idea of which season an episode came from at the time, but I knew there were some episodes I saw a lot and some I rarely saw. And once in a while, even after watching the show for going on ten years, there would appear an episode I'd never seen before!

When I was 16 I bought a book called The Star Trek Compendium, in a new "20th Anniversary Edition." Now I knew which shows were from which season, and I found out that the ones that were hardest to catch were from the third season. And more than that, I found there were some I still hadn't seen. They were "The Cloud Minders," "That Which Survives," and "The Lights of Zetar." By then we had a VCR and I could tape reruns so I didn't miss any, but still it took a couple of years to see the last one ("Lights"). (Episodes were coming out on VHS by then , but the video rental places didn't have all of them and I wasn't going to buy them).

It seems really odd now, this almost random way of seeing the show. The strange thing is, sometimes to this day I will have a dream about seeing an episode of Star Trek I've never seen before, it was such a feeling.
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