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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

Barbreader wrote: View Post
Have you looked at the Star Trek: Gateway group? Same time period... but the other group, it's the Empire from Star Wars!
No I haven't seen that. Could be helpful... Do you have the link?

Maurice wrote: View Post
This is the forum for fan-made films and other productions. And you've already posted this over on Future of Trek.
Yeah i've realised now that i put it in the wrong forum. Ive now posted it in here because Im trying to get people involved in a project to produce a fan film.

lennier1 wrote: View Post
A show about yet another enemy that's supposed to be even more dangerous than the Klingons/Romulans/Borg/Hirogen/8472/Whatever?
And we should care, because?

Personally, I stopped giving a shit about the enemy of the season years ago.
The overuse of that trope after TNG (and on Stargate as well) more than cured me of that.
So let me get this straight... U want a Trek with no baddies and no threat...!?! Sounds like boreville mate. No Trek tv show would work without a credible threat to the Federation.

Granted Voyager dragged out the Borg to death and Trek needed a shake up but where would TOS and TNG be without the Klingons or Romulans? I think ur in a minority mate.

If the bad guys are done the right way then it could make for a successful series.
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