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That's a good point. Now, if only I hadn't gone all over my world populating maps, then I wouldn't have to go so damn far for the new stuff!
I actually edited my save file so I'd have large biomes, so I had to travel 13km just to find lily-pads. I like the large biomes because they feel more natural to me, and it certainly turned a mundane activity into an epic quest. But still, it was 4 real days of walking. Hopefully horses will make such journeys shorter in the future.

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I've tried starting a new world a couple of times, but considering how much I've invested in building and exploring my current one, I just don't see the reason to change - even if it's got almost no villages, temples or Nether Fortresses within striking distance.
I feel the same way. My world is the first world in which I played survival Minecraft, and I was so noobish when I started it that I had to look up online how to chop down my first tree. I spent my first night in a small wooden shack on a beach, in complete darkness because I didn't even have torches. That shack became a small wooden house, then a run-in with a creeper encouraged me to upgrade it to a cobblestone house. I built a second story, then I expanded it into a keep, that keep became a fortress, and that fortress formed the centre of a village.

I've tried playing on multiplayer servers, and I've tried starting new worlds, but whenever I think of something new to build I always end up wanting to build it in my main SP world. Hopefully the game will keep me coming back for many more years, because I'd love to see how different my world will be at the end of this decade.
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