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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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Judging by the episodes we've seen this season, Sorkin seems to have over-corrected in response to much of the criticism that was lobbed at him after the first season.
As one of the biggest critics of the first season on this site, it's probably not surprising that I disagree. I feel that season 2 has been a marked improvement thus far. There's still some rough edges, such as the laundromat scene and that footage of Will on September 11th, but on the whole the writing is on firmer ground. Admittedly, the actual plots of the first two episodes haven't been anything special, but that's the result of attempting a season-long storyline rather than the more self-contained stories of season 1.

Now all the people in the newsroom are shown to be ultra-capable at their jobs, at all times. Flawed characters may send the wrong message to the audience.
Firstly, the claim that the cast is now ultra-capable at their jobs is plainly not true. Maggie screwed up the DSK thing, Jim effectively took a demotion because of his personal life, Don almost abused his position to lynch a guy, while Will has been censoring himself because of a crisis of confidence. The difference this season is that the characters are now portrayed as being mostly capable at their jobs, whereas in the first season they were portrayed as being a troupe of clowns that somehow hobbled together a news show every night.
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