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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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There was some point in the series where Piper asked for a female Guard, and the bloke says "something" like "Well that will take a minimum of three hours, so we can all wait her for three hours or pornstache can frisk you."

Are we sure that wasn't with the screw driver?

If Pornstache didn't spend all his time grabbing her boobs, he would have found the screw driver in Piper's pocket.

Oh, that was the screwdriver ep, but it was the young black woman who demanded a female and the big quiet white guard dragged her away at the supervisor's direction, kicking and yelling to SHU to "wait" for the female guard.

The supervisor with the mustache then looks directly at Piper and says they all have the right to ask for a female... BUT submitting to a male frisk would go "a long way" towards making the women look innocent in his eyes.

Pornstache then goes into the frisk with a mortified Piper and the supervisor is "kind" enough to turn his back so he won't see Pornstache grope her breasts. Then he moves onto Nikki and does the same to her a$$.
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