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#23. I liked the fix for the 'lost ones', necessarily superficial given the medium but still dealing with some biological consequences of the loss of Vulcan, and showing the Vulcans beginning to adapt. I wish they'd come up with some other way for Uhura to have impressed Spock, beating him at chess is so TOS Kirk, and the idea of him never having been beaten at chess until he played Uhura is silly IMO (how about at the age of 6 ??) but I liked the Uhura Spock interaction.

The upcoming Klingon / Romulan conflict looks fun.
I agree about their resolution of the whole vulcan craziness
I did find it interesting and realistic that losing their home had many psychological and physical effects for those people. It also affected their traditions as well.
The whole idea that even if they have new vulcan they will never be able to completely replace the planet that had been their original home.

as for the S/U bit: I see it more as it being symbolic of the moment he realized he was in love, rather than just a moment where she impressed him (in the novels for example she did beat him at racquetball too lol)
It's fitting for him to use chess due to the history the character has with this game lol, the whole giving her the king-checkmate without the need to put a note and she got it and what he meant is cute and nerdy and in character. I like how the writers essentially empathized that they love each other but they kept Spock's side of it pretty in character. He has his own ways and Uhura seems to "translate" him.

yes, Kirk did beat him in tos (he didn't in the nutrek comics though ) but chess isn't a "Kirk thing", it's a Spock thing like the lyre .. it's one of those things that make you think about the character.
Kirk: So her first name's Nyota?
Spock: I have no comment on the matter.
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