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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

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Whether you were there from the beginning in 1966 or found Star Trek some time in the '70s (or before we got films and TNG) it was a likely a pretty special time: discovering Star Trek when it was pretty much the only game around.

There was other sci-fi, of course, on film and television, but for a lot of us most of it paled in comparison to TOS, For myself, at the time, about the only thing I could enjoy (almost) as much as TOS was UFO. As the '70s progressed and I became more aware I started to appreciate other things, but back then TOS ruled.

The first merchandise I remember that fuelled my interest (besides reruns) were the early AMT model kits and the James Blish adaptations. Not long after I got into TAS and the Alan Dean Foster Star Trek Log adaptations as well as some of the first original novels. The Making Of Star Trek was like a bible to me. And soon Franz Joseph's Booklet Of General Plans and Star Fleet Technical Manual and Bjo Trimble's Star Trek Concordance were added to my small library. Additionally I drew like crazy: lots of starships and other stuff.

Being a Star Trek fan then you could get labelled and teased (to put it kindly) but, man, it was still a great time and a helluva lot of fun.

That could almost be me talking. We had the same experiences at the same time.
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