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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

^^ I'm vaguely tempted to join their online service to sample the current stuff and keep up. After all, I was a fan since the mid 60s. But when I hear about storylines and see art samples, I'm afraid the experience may be too painful.

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Civil War was when I was starting to be able to get into regular comic reading (its still my favorite Marvel event).
Civil War was the quintessence of everything I hate about current pop culture fashion. All the characters had become corrupt and unlikeable, the interpersonal conflicts were forced and inconsistent, they were killing people off simply for the alleged shock value. And the writing and art were bad.

Black Bolt's harem was created when a bunch of "Inhumans" from other species just kind of appeared. Black Bolt had just came back to life (in a confusing and not really explained way) and he took one of each species as an extra wife. It was basically a giant FU to Medusa and made little sense (although BB having a bipedal horse wife was kind of funny). He had no reason to take extra wives, he didn't get some kind of big advantage or something. But, it looks like they're just pretending that the Black bolt harem don't exist, and I'm really glad for that.
It's an interesting idea, in and of itself; it's a good way to show that we're dealing with an alien culture with different social norms (and an especially amusing way to do it, given the eternal confusion and discomfort with sexuality among the common people). But it's inconsistent with Black Bolt's characterization and history-- not that the current batch of creators cares about stuff like that.
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