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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

I liked the story overall. The three issue format allowed them to add a bit more depth although they used that to add an ongoing sub-plot so the Vulcan element was very lightweight. The living in a volcano element was very silly because the artwork made it look unnecessarily over-hot, pushing Vulcan robustness too far but I did enjoy the spin they put on the story overall. I would like to see a 3-issue format focusing on one plot though.

Carol wasn't under or over-used and Chekov finally got his moment to contribute to the series - he is built up as the go-to guy for transporters alongside Scotty. It was nice to see the alien redshirt get a line but I also missed Zahra, Hendorff, Boma, and Rand. I do want to see more aliens (especially Andorians) but I also missed the semi-regulars. I hope they aren't going to drop them all (although I doubt Hendorff will be used until someone decides definitively if Hendorff is alive or dead) but mixing and matching the composition of the security teams with one off characters, some aliens, and build up more semi-regulars. They should also then be prepared to kill a regular occasionally like they did in NuBSG.

Still grumbly at the absence of T'Pau though. But as for the identity of the mysterious Section 31 spy, it looks as though they are deliberately disguising her race as well as her face but she has straight dark hair.

If they do re-imagine the Enemy Within, it makes more sense to use Carol now than Rand, which I have mixed feelings about, because I really wanted Rand to be given a moment to step out of the background but I can see why Carol makes more sense. But it looks like Arena might be the next story to get the treatment?
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