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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Important question: where do I find a copy of TWOK workprint? Not the directors cut or the "edited for television" version (which I already have), but the workprint where Spock says that Saavik is half romulan (this one,, from the mysterious apparently unrelated "Captain Kirk Page"
I believe someone has said it in the UCLA film archives.

EDIT: Yep, looks to be there:

The last entry is:
"ADDITIONAL PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: B&w work print of color film. Squeezed image (scope print source). NOTES: "Missing insert," titles throughout. A7-162-30 "
Most interesting, I didn't know that. However I believe you have to go there in person to watch it. (if I understood correctly this is what Grant did). But someone must have a color VHS copy, since excerpts are on YouTube, but I've never found anyone who had it.

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