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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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Natasha Leon tricked the information out of Piper in the library, but she's no rat.

"She said you were a squirter"

"I never Squ -- Oh, there was that once, but that was comple --- "

"What? oh my god! I was shitting you! but it's true!?"

You don't have such hateful vibes about someone you've never met before.
Ya gotta love Nikki!

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It was funny and distressing... but the intriguing thing wasn't Piper's predicament, it was the flashback to a young teen aged Claudette being introduced to an elevator for the first time (Its a magic box that flies) en-route to her first meeting with her new Haitian-American owner who will take care of her until Claudette works off her parent's debt. Oh, and speaking of romance, the one thing that shy uncertain Claudette seems to imprint upon, is the young Baptiste who drove her to her new life, especially after he promised he would not allow anyone to hurt her.
Oh is THAT who all those people were, god I was confused. So the young Claudette grows up to do her own trafficking of young girls into the cleaning industry?

She moved up to middle management, its the American dream
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