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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black's_gun

I forgot to mention that early in this ep, Mr Healey suggested people wanted to reopen Miss Claudette's case for an appeal/reduced sentence... but that Miss C declined. Tricia wants an appeal of her sentence so she can get out of jail and be with her girlfriend Mercy... but knows her attempt will fail without serious help. She turns to the smartest person she knows... fellow electrical shop worker and college graduate, Piper Chapman to help her out. Others find out and descend upon Chapman after she's hidden the screwdriver under her thin mattress, and insist she help them with their appeals too. "I may be a thief but I'm no embezzler... anyway that guy shot himself!"

Piper didn't notice the real potential bonding moment with Miss Claudette when late one night she asked her how to proceed with the appeal letter. Miss C's only comment was how dangerous, "hope" could be, and that perhaps she shouldn't help at all.

Then we find out what happened to the young teen aged Claudette. She grew up to become the Haitian American handler for the teen girls sent to America to work off various debts. We see that Baptiste is still in her life and that she still carries a torch for him... until he dashes all her hopes with one simple comment.

"Claudette, I got married."

Poor Claudette.

She had to be satisfied with being "mother" to her cadre of teen aged housekeepers.

Speaking of cleaning... the camp has been searched and the screw driver is still missing a second day... which means a surprise early morning inspection before Piper can get it back to the shop.


As Pornstache looks with purpose THIS time through their cubical, Piper admits to Claudette the tool is still under her bed, which a) frightens and b) pisses off the old woman to new heights.

Strangely enough, Pornstache finds nothing and leaves them in peace.

Even stranger... Piper finds nothing when she searches, and is willing to chalk everything up to her short term memory loss.

NOT strange... Miss C is totally ticked at Piper lying to her about returning the tool the day before and tries to intimidate the young woman... but FINALLY the worm turns and fights back.

"Cut me a little SLACK! I've been here less than 2 weeks and I've been starved out, felt up, teased, stalked, threatened, and called Taylor Swift.

(She forgot to mention the "Honey Boo Boo", but I would have tried to forget that one myself!)

And now, YOU! I'm doing my best to learn the ropes...

...and I may be suffering from short term memory loss and I don't know why so can you PLEASE cut me some SLACK! Okay?"

I love Miss Claudette's little smile here, after Piper turns away. Her little girl is growing up.

"Okay"... its that word that brings us back to Miss Claudette's past where we discover that one of her newest teen workers has been horribly abused by someone who has hired their service.

Nikki has another great bonding moment, this time with Piper. Their conversation runs in tandem about Piper's relationship with Alex and with Miss Claudette. After guessing / teasing Piper about her 10 year old sexual history, Nikki reassures Piper that Alex is not spreading tales of their previous lives, and further reassures her that Miss Claudette will not "hurt" Piper in her sleep. Nikki explains Miss C is in prison due to "slave trade" not murder. "Unless you think she's going to harbor you illegally, I wouldn't sweat it."

Miss Claudette is mysterious for many reasons. She never goes to mail call because in 10 years she's never had a letter, until now. Baptiste has written.

Well, she's not so mysterious to us anymore. It seems Nikki was only half right. She was involved in the slave trade but she was also a convicted murderer. She killed the client who abused the child in her employ.

Miss C may be mysterious, but she is observant and notices Tricia sneak into Mercy's nearby cubical. Miss C is no-one's fool and confronts the misguided girl planting drugs on her lover to ruin Mercy's chance of release.

"Love?" rails Miss C, "It's not an excuse."

Back in th electrical shop, Piper sees the screwdriver back on the wall... after the civilian in charge of the shop buys another and replaces it / pretends to find it to deflect suspicion from his haphazard handling of the shop.

We see Boo has the screwdriver and is actively using it for a much safer self gratifying activity rather than plunging it into Mercy or Tricia's heart as we had feared ever since we saw Boo sit on Piper's bed and the tool disappeared from under the mattress.

Claudette has read her letter from the newly widowed Baptiste and decides to reopen her case... thereby forgetting her own advice to Piper just 1 day ago that hope can be dangerous.

As Mercy leaves the visitation room, all the inmates stand by to watch her walk away and the camera stays on Miss Claudette's stunned face before the screen goes "to orange".

I can't believe that "Denise" at couldn't hold out for this ep.

It even had Red acting all maternal over the Butch Boo, salting her corn on the cobb at the party. (NO... that ISN'T a euphemism for sex EITHER! Sheezz.)
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