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Being a TOS fan back in the day...

Whether you were there from the beginning in 1966 or found Star Trek some time in the '70s (or before we got films and TNG) it was a likely a pretty special time: discovering Star Trek when it was pretty much the only game around.

There was other sci-fi, of course, on film and television, but for a lot of us most of it paled in comparison to TOS, For myself, at the time, about the only thing I could enjoy (almost) as much as TOS was UFO. As the '70s progressed and I became more aware I started to appreciate other things, but back then TOS ruled.

The first merchandise I remember that fuelled my interest (besides reruns) were the early AMT model kits and the James Blish adaptations. Not long after I got into TAS and the Alan Dean Foster Star Trek Log adaptations as well as some of the first original novels. The Making Of Star Trek was like a bible to me. And soon Franz Joseph's Booklet Of General Plans and Star Fleet Technical Manual and Bjo Trimble's Star Trek Concordance were added to my small library. Additionally I drew like crazy: lots of starships and other stuff.

Being a Star Trek fan then you could get labelled and teased (to put it kindly) but, man, it was still a great time and a helluva lot of fun.
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