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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

Grade: B+/Above Average

I really enjoyed this and have plans to see it again Sunday evening. It opened well showing how Logan has retreated from the world in the time since X3. The one thing he seems to have bonded with is nature. Reflected in the moments with the Grizzly. The Grizzly also seems to respect The Wolverine for he doesn't attack him, and the later attack on the bear by careless hunters is what draws Logan to let his inner soldier out for some air.

I felt there were strong performances by all 3 key female lead roles in the film. Mariko is not as weak as she seems when the time comes for it and is ready to lead as well even though she didn't seek the role. Yukio was for all intents the sidekick and played the role well, she kept insisting she was Logan's bodyguard. Lady Viper was explained well but they probably could've explained just what the Silver Samurai armor was for with a few more lines of dialogue. Bone Marrow is important for the cells it contains and what little I know you can allegedly do. Still, explaining to the audience why you need to get into his bones might've helped. The friend I saw it with felt that way and since I was "winging" the explanation I created for myself to him so yeah, a bit more there could've helped.
Bullet Train Sequence....nice, best train scene since Spidey2!

Not going to break every scene down, I'm seeing it again, I clearly liked it. The mid-credit sequence was exceptional for the 30-ish seconds or so it was there. Bring on DOFP. I only hope this movie does as well as it deserves cause FOX put out a really solid character piece imo.
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