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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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JRulez thanks for your great reviews, keep it up!

I was thinking how you have these fucked up people in prison who get fleshed out as real sympathetic characters you understand and it's great but all the people outside of prison are still cardboard self absorbed prats.

That silly friend pressuring Piper to make a call about her soap business from prison, my god just get your shit together and get someone to help you and build up your business so your supposed bestie has something to come home to. So how did she end up so silly? We don't get to see this because the story is dull like so many people who have had entitled lives.

The mother is PAINFUL PAINFUL PAINFUL I can't imagine being that person if my kid was in prison. I would devote my entire year to supporting them and listening to them and not saying any judgmental things to them. The mother seems too much of a caricature when I'm watching it but then I remember that if I was in prison my mother would 100% be making negative comments about my hair every visit. And suddenly it seems quite realistic

Larry is just way way way in over his head and he was long before Piper got arrested. She's erratic and he's easy to push around on her whims and he hasn't yet understood how unjelled her personality is. Because he is quite jelled, he's a lump of Jello.

We have lilly pilly flavoured jelly here, and sometimes jello, I bet that would make a great artisinal soap. Purple and tangy and perfumey. But Larry isn't that interesting.

Anyway.. the story of how these people got to be such self absorbed gits might not be very interesting. As to pornstache I think he was dropped on his head a few times as a baby. It IS interesting to see that he's not only a grade A abusive asshole he's also utterly fucked up in his own head. Not that it engenders any compassion.



Do you think Pornstache has already figured out that the newbie was fooling around with the Hispanic girl (Daya?) and that he was lured into the sex act TO GET CAUGHT? He's been teasing Bennett so much that I feel like he's yanking his chain on purpose. I don't see him falling in "love"... but I do fear him trying to take possession of the baby once its born.

So many of the people outside of prison ARE self absorbed prats... and not just the rich/well to do ones.

Tiffany was aborting her 5th baby because she didn't want to be jailed for endangering the fetus with her drug use, and didn't want to give up drugs. Unfortunately she did give up the idea of birth control.

Marcus/Sophia wanted that perfect female body, no matter what the cost to his integrity, his wife, his son. Gosh, do you realize he/she was stealing from people who had already been violated by the fires that destroyed their homes? How cruel is that?

Alex ran away from her poor life and her mother working 2 jobs to live an adventure. She played the international "playgirl" with her lover at her side until she made the fatal mistake ... she involved her lover in a crime. That wasn't bad enough... AFTER her lover completed the task, Alex explained what would have happened if Piper had failed.

She would have been killed.

Golly... I am so SHOCKED that Piper finally realized this wasn't a game and wanted to get out before someone killed her.


Just like I'm not shocked that Piper wouldn't go home with her drug cartel partner for the mother's funeral.

I don't know if you recall how TD Possum would scour the photos of Mulgrew for background detail. Well, I've started to do that with this show. In ep 4... Alex is lying on the library floor, reading a book called "The Glass Castle" by J Walls.

Wiki says this about the book.

Jeannette Walls is the author and the voice of The Glass Castle. The memoir is told from her point of view, beginning with her unconventional childhood and culminating in her adult success as an editor, journalist, and writer.
The narrative deals with the complex relationship Jeannette and her siblings had with their parents due to the extreme poverty that defined their chaotic childhoods, during which they frequently had no food, wore threadbare and unwashed clothes, were bullied and attacked by other children, and were repeatedly uprooted so that their parents could make a fresh start in another town.

All I could think of, was the different paths these two women's lives took, from similar circumstances. How must it feel, being in prison WITH your former lover whom you betrayed, while reading about the legitimate success of another poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks.

There but for the grace of God... (and Tiffany) go I?

So many people just muddle their way through life until something really good or really bad interferes and makes them take stock.

The problem with these people outside of prison (Larry, Piper's brother Calvin, her mother, her best friend... ) is that there's nothing MAKING them open their eyes to this opportunity to mature.

I get the feeling that Larry's Dad is the most realistic, and although irritating, his mother is 2nd in the reality contest. They KNOW their son, they know how flighty he is, not to mention how flighty Piper is too. Hell, they have been supporting Piper and Larry (along the Piper's folks' contribution). Proposing before prison? Like she's gonna get a lot of offers while in there? Selling her story on NPR while actively dodging her calls for a week... dodging her calls after she's gone through the SHU? Who does that? Talking like the conversation is between him and the correspondent only, like they don't have radios in prison? HELLO????

Maybe he'll catch a clue when the rent comes due and he can't pay it without the money from "Barneys".
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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