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Re: Trek Kindle eBook "Update"

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I got Slings and Arrows book 6 on Kindle recently and had a terrible formating issue with italic. There was no space between previous word and italicised word.
Oh yes, that whole range is replete with errors. The last chapter of Part 6 also had a fun formatting error where scenes inside a chapter are not separated from each other - as they normally would be with stars, a space or a bar, they just run it into each other. Many times it's not very obvious when they do and characters who are in two different locations appear to be in the same location.

The EPub version of Immortal Coil I got for my Nook had the same problem. It was confusing as hell.
That book was released when S&S did not give a crap. They went from decent MS Reader to ePub and when they did, my guess is they farmed the eBook making to the lowest bidder based in India. That common these days. But S&S have since decided to care and put out fairly good Trek ePub.
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