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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Well, I LOVE deleted/alternate scenes, so I'm extremely pleased of this post, keep it going.

However it would be much better if all the information were collected in a website, with pictures, script excerpts and videos. Reading the lists, and then all the replies (with corrections and extra info) can be quite confusing. Something like (which I also love, even if there are things I don't like). This is not a critic, just wishful thinking.

Important question: where do I find a copy of TWOK workprint? Not the directors cut or the "edited for television" version (which I already have), but the workprint where Spock says that Saavik is half romulan (this one,, from the mysterious apparently unrelated "Captain Kirk Page"

Finally, for those who haven't seen it yet, this is the page where I collected all the pictures of the alternate spacewalk scene from TMP, the Memory Wall scene.
It was definitely filmed, but not post produced. I believe the pictures leave no doubt about it.

Is the 'classified' pic from the 1980 TMP calendar?
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