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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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These guys want to work, but there are limited jobs out there. If you are going to hire someone, is the first guy on your call sheet going to be the one who's been busy dissing his old bosses and their creative choices, or who had issues getting to work on time in the third season of his first big show?

Anger makes good press and may make you a draw on the convention circuit since people are going to want to hear what you're going to reveal "next"... but will it get you a job?
It's probably true that in Hollywood you create your own opportunities by auditioning, networking and kissing ass on occassion. Wang's honesty might make him popular on the convention circuit (and has earned him my respect) but it could very well have hurt his carreer. Still, how many roles are written for 44 year old Asian guys?

I'm actually more surprised to learn how critical the fans are of him. Some her speak of him as if he was some kind of uncontrolable loose cannon and ingrateful stuck up party boy. The fact is that most fans here when thinking of the shows production would rather have this idylic happy happy joy joy fantasy picture in their minds than the truth. You attack him because he's being honest and it just isn't what you want to hear. "The set was fun because the guys goofed around and still have dinner once a month!" The fact is that a large part of the cast have voiced criticisms either during or after production of the show. Wang might be one of the more vocal actors, but Beltran, Mulgrew and now Ryan followed suit.

I "assume" when you say "you attack him" the "you" refers to Wang detractors on the trekbbs in general and not me specifically.

Yes, when specifics were requested, I tried to oblige, but I was doing nothing more than answer the question.

I liked Harry Kim on the show, and Timeless is probably my fav single hour episode of the series, as I discussed in last year's Con thread after meeting Le Var Burton in New Jersey. (He directed the episode).

I miss Jen Lein but never joined the chorus to jettison Wang in favor of Lein. I've seen Garrett Wang at a con in Burbank in 2000 and he was a hoot. Oh, back in 2000 he loved Voyager, loved his coworkers and he did some amazing impressions of Kate Mulgrew as he closed the 3 day con.

Speaking as an employer, "you" don't have to "kiss my a$$" to get along, but "you" do have to treat me with respect and treat "your" coworkers not to mention the job with respect if you want to keep working for me.

I haven't gotten to the point of some employers that monitor their employees social media sites for negative complaints... nor have I taken to the internet to gauge a potential employee's history before they are hired.

If I was Garret, however, I would be concerned of that very thing working in a medium that lives and dies on perception. When I put "Garrett Wang" into google last night, the search engine gave me many options to "search".

"Garrett Wang" was at the top.

"Garrett Wang lazy" was 2nd.

"Garrett Wang Twitter was 3rd.

When you clicked on the 2nd option, this shows up.

And at the bottom of the page, you find the option to click on "Garrett Wang suspended".

Not an auspicious start when one is checking on a new employee.

I think Garrett needs to continue to "put himself out there" if he wants to work, and yes I would "play nice" and work twice as hard as everyone else when he has the opportunity to do so.

As for your question about how many roles out there are written for 44 year old Asian men, I would first like to ask you... how many roles out there are written for post menopausal, white women?

Marina Sirtis can say at least one... as the head of Mossad on "NCIS".

Gates McFadden can say at least one, as a judge on "Franklin & Bash".

And Kate Mulgrew can say at least 3, on Warehouse 13, NTSFSD:SUV, and on my new fav... "Orange is the New Black".

The biggest complaint from female actors is that they can't get work as they "age", even BEFORE menopause hits.

Lucy Lawless got the reality check re: this issue when she was discussing age with her husband, producer Rob Tapert. She was talking about how the business was increasingly skewed towards young actresses now. He pointed out to his wife that in TODAY'S environment if Xena WP was being cast (instead of in 1995) a 27 year old Lucy and 25 year old Renee would NOT be considered "young" enough to do the show.
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