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Re: message in a bottleWe just noiticed..

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Temperature denotes "civilization"?

Maybe instead of solders, they should have sent a hundred billion dollars worth of Airconditioners to the Middle East?

(Which is still significantly cheaper than what actually happened.)

I hear that there's only 2 reasons why they're so angry over there, even the nice ones on our side, hell, even "us" who we send over there after a couple hours, its because of the heat and that they can never get all the sand out of their ass.
I said a civilized TEMPERATURE, not civilized people. There's a difference.

I live in a part of the world where it's not unusual to have winter for 7 months of the year (Canadian Prairies). Our seasons tend to be Winter, Mud, Summer, and Fall.

I like the fall. September is my favorite month - the mosquitoes are gone, it's sunny without being too hot (usually; two years ago was horrendous), and the mornings are crisp and chill. The smell of dead leaves and ripe fruit is intoxicatingly wonderful.

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But it should make the gravity turn off!
By that logic, Chris Hadfield should be dead from all those months he spent in the International Space Station. There's no gravity up there.

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Environmental controls are separate buttons from life support.


If the ship is moving and you turn the gravity off, structural integrity, inertial dampers, it's all integrated, the crew would be subject to the forces resulting from the speed of the ship, which is hundreds of times the speed of sound and a certainty to liquefy the entire crew instantly if it's doing much else other than standing still.
You are confusing gravity with inertia. That's why they have "inertia dampers" (or whatever). Without them, the crew would be subatomic goo on the walls.
I believe the systems/devices managing gravity and inertia are associated and probably dependant but still separate, however I do know that gravity and inertia are different. Inertia is a trait of matter that resists momentum, meanwhile Gravity is a weak attractive force that negligibly draws all "stuff" inthe universe towards all other "stuff" in the universe proportionately to it's mass.

Inertial dampers seem to be a "field" that encompasses the entire ship, and gravity plating is just something immediate and localized stuffed into the floor between the insulation.
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