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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

JRulez thanks for your great reviews, keep it up!

I was thinking how you have these fucked up people in prison who get fleshed out as real sympathetic characters you understand and it's great but all the people outside of prison are still cardboard self absorbed prats.

That silly friend pressuring Piper to make a call about her soap business from prison, my god just get your shit together and get someone to help you and build up your business so your supposed bestie has something to come home to. So how did she end up so silly? We don't get to see this because the story is dull like so many people who have had entitled lives.

The mother is PAINFUL PAINFUL PAINFUL I can't imagine being that person if my kid was in prison. I would devote my entire year to supporting them and listening to them and not saying any judgmental things to them. The mother seems too much of a caricature when I'm watching it but then I remember that if I was in prison my mother would 100% be making negative comments about my hair every visit. And suddenly it seems quite realistic

Larry is just way way way in over his head and he was long before Piper got arrested. She's erratic and he's easy to push around on her whims and he hasn't yet understood how unjelled her personality is. Because he is quite jelled, he's a lump of Jello.

We have lilly pilly flavoured jelly here, and sometimes jello, I bet that would make a great artisinal soap. Purple and tangy and perfumey. But Larry isn't that interesting.

Anyway.. the story of how these people got to be such self absorbed gits might not be very interesting. As to pornstache I think he was dropped on his head a few times as a baby. It IS interesting to see that he's not only a grade A abusive asshole he's also utterly fucked up in his own head. Not that it engenders any compassion.

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