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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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Great movie! Really cool action scenes (though the ocean battle was a little hard to follow).

I really would have liked to have seen the very first kaiju attack as a full sequence rather than a recap. The shock and terror and the scrambling of conventional weapons to take it down.

I have two questions that might be be plot holes, or maybe I wasn't paying attention:

--why in the world did they think that building a huge wall around the Pacific Rim instead of building Jaegers would do anything? what's to stop the kaiju from breaking through the wall? what happens when it gets to the wall and manages to climb over it? even if it can't get past the wall, how are they going to kill it? if you shoot a bunch of missiles and nukes at it, won't you end up destroying the wall it's up against?
The same reason some people and politicians want to build a wall along the Southern border of the US. They're stupid and it's a stupid idea. Pacific Rim made a joke.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
--at the end of the movie they establish that the portal only opens for kaiju, so for them to go through they had to have a kaiju corpse with them. then why did the life pods get through alone? I went into that scene assuming they were on a suicide mission. then they eject, and I wonder what's the point of that? you're still trapped in the hostile alien dimension. then they go through the portal, and I scratch my head.
I assumed to 'return' through the portal, backwards, you needed Kaiju DNA. To go forwards, to Earth, there was no safeguard.
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