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Re: Radio Times Claims a Classic Doctor Might Be in 50th Anniversary

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The anniversary celebrates Doctor Who, not the episode that happened to air that day, any more than a Trek anniversary is overtly concerned about honoring 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' or, alternately, 'The Cage.' No one is going to be particularly interested in the idea of Number One or Doctor Piper appearing in an anniversary event.

In any case, we're going in circles. I'm not of the opinion that the original Doctor Who series is:
1) Any good.
2) Worth remembering, beyond little easter eggs that don't require me to actually watch any of the old episodes.
3) Beloved by any number of fans large enough to care about.

Since you and DJ think otherwise, we're unlikely to come to any kind of consensus.
I'm a "new era" fan too, since 2005. And while the episodes of the Classic series didn't awe me in any way and the 10 or so that I've seen (episodes, not stories) have been boring and cheesy, further convincing me that Classic Era fans look back with a really high index pair of rose-tinted glasses, I have to say that this is the 50th Anniversary and they should celebrate IT ALL. All of it. That means going back to the beginning and pre-2005. It's only right to.
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