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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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I like to think of the movie as the part we didn't get to see in the most recent version of I Am Legend.
Can't be.

- The source of the disease was known in IAL (a cancer cure based on a genetically engineered strain of the measles virus that mutated).

- The point of origin was known (Manhattan - hence all the efforts to contain it there that ultimately failed because the scanners were unreliable, as shown in the flashback).

- The virus killed 90% of the population of Earth by the disease outright, changed 9% in zombie/vampires, and the remaining 1% were immune but were still getting chomped on by the other 9%, so their numbers were extremely low (almost extinct) by the time the main story picks up.

- The zombies in WWZ have no severe (fatal if prolonged) allergy to sunlight.

The main thing both the movie adaptations of I Am Legend (the most recent one) and World War Z have in common are that they both profoundly missed the point and tone/style of the novels they were based on; and both had originally planned and filmed endings that were possibly better than what was shown onscreen (definitely better in IAL's case, IMO) but still not great, were somewhat closer in tone and point to the novels, and were cut because test audiences and/or the producers didn't like them.

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Plenty of mis-steps in it (zombie apocalypse and two guys are going for a rape in the dairy aisle?!) but overall I enjoyed it.
I have no doubt shit like that would happen if humanity imploded.
That's exactly what happened in the Coliseum in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricaine Katrina, isn't it?
None that could be confirmed by police.

On September 11, New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass reported there were "no confirmed reports of any type of sexual assault."

Despite the reports that the Superdome had become Thunderdome, there were three confirmed deaths: two already sick elderly medical patients and one man by suicide, which among a sample of 20,000 people would not be unusual even in the best of times, much less after you became refugees housed in poor conditions after your city was flooded.

The people of New Orleans were treated extremely poorly in the media during and in the wake of Katrina based on rumors and flat out inaccurate reports. They treated the people like they became lawless thugs from a Mad Max movie who were shooting at rescue helicopters, raping and robbing left and right, painting people who were getting essential survival needs from stores that were already destroyed anyway as looters just looking to make a buck when they were trying to care for their families, friends, and neighbors who were struggling. It was a disgrace the way they were depicted, and unfortunately that negative depiction remains a popular one.
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