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Re: I am shocked, absolutely shocked

I am reminded of Jay Walking!

For those of you who don't understand the reference, Jay Leno is a late night talk/variety show host (here in the USA), who does this thing called Jay Walking. He takes a cameraman and microphone out in the street and stops people to ask them the simplest of questions that should be common knowledge- things that 3rd and 4th grade children learn in school.

The questions cover a variety of subjects, but examples are things something like this:

At what temperature does water freeze?
How many states are there?
Is California a state or a country?
What did Christopher Columbus discover?

and so on.

Sometimes he'll show people pictures of famous people or famous landmarks to see if they can identify them.

It's incredible what idiotic answers he gets from people. And ironically, sometimes the person he stops will be a teacher, and they can't answer any more than the average joe.

No doubt there are plenty of people who know the answers, but they aren't going to air those, because smart people aren't going to be entertaining.
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