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Re: The Return Of Odo. For how long?

JWolf wrote: View Post
SPOILER code is needed.
How many times are you going to repeat this?

JWolf wrote: View Post
People, STOP giving out spoilers. Use a SPOILER code. The thread topic does not say (spoilers) so you cannot talk about the plot so openly. You have to use spoiler codes as you can very easy ruin things for others who have not yet read these books.
Who made you part of the moderator staff? The novels in question were released last summer. They're not new. If they had been released a week ago, I'd see your point about using the spoiler tag. But Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn have been around for a year, so there's been ample opportunity for people to read and re-read them. The events of each book are fairly well known to people familiar with the Trek literature universe.

Halliwell wrote: View Post
Um, the title of the thread is a spoiler. It states right there the Return of Odo. Common sense should tell you that Odo is back.
And it's not as though the title gives away every piece of information about the subject. Most people who post here are smart enough to avoid threads they don't want to read. It's merely a matter of not clicking on the link in question.

JWolf wrote: View Post
The thread title should be changed as well to prevent anyone from reading it who has not read that book.
Why? If you don't want to see the thread, don't click the link. It's not rocket science.

Dimesdan wrote: View Post
Common sense, something that not everyone seems to have a grasp of.
Common sense should be added to the list of endangered species if it hasn't already.

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