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Re: So Bajor made one of it's moons uninhabitable for some energy

There is most probably a major difference in logistics and costs between providing 200,000 homes with a piece of technology, and providing them with energy for their existing pieces of technology. Even sending a new stove to each of the homes might be more demanding than hooking them up to the Jerrado power.

This early in the show, Bajor probably has little or no industrial capacity for anything, be it stoves or solar panels; it's possible that the Jerrado project is only possible because it was something the Cardassians initiated and never got the chance to finish, but never got the incentive to scuttle when withdrawing, either...

That's speculation. What's known about existing assets is that Bajor operates large troop-carrying starships, as seen in "Past Prologue" already and demonstrated more clearly in "The Circle"/"The Siege". Those things don't need industrial support in order to move 200,000 homes to more hospitable climes, or 200,000 homefuls of firewood to the putative disaster area (more like a housing project from the sounds of it).

Timo Saloniemi
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