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Re: New 4th Domain of Life discovered?

Hard to say. I seem to remember, at the forum of Phil Plait, a claim about certain life-forms near volcanoes that were missing certain bits...maybe that is abiogenisis happening.

I myself think that vorticity may be key. I seem to remember an early phot of the Xenia Ohio F-5 tornado with two suction vortices that formed a double helix.

A tornado is a type of updraft, and I have also seen funnels by plants:

I can't help but wonder if--back when the earth was hotter--we had smokers near river deltas.

Vortex-stirring of organics might be a good way to spin up life. Biology only takes you so far back--and chemistry only so far forward.

This is why folks don't understand evolution. It wasn't just a warm pond where something just happened. We have had impacts, smokers, huge tides stirring things up--it is all very active. The ponds are just shelters where life can catch its breath for a moment and flourish.
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