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OK, please explain how killing an enemy who is engaging in an unprovoked act of war is the same as execution.

Just so I can understand.
Nero was an enemy combatant who blew up an entire planet and killed the majority of its population, destroyed a fleet of ships and killed countless Starfleet personnel, attempted to destroy a second planet, kidnapped and tortured a Starfleet Captain, was in the possession of weapons of mass destruction and was battling the Enterprise. He also refused surrender. Killing him was not an execution any more than killing Chang was. Both were enemies who were engaging in unprovoked acts of war
That's what I was saying. I don't see where it's "six of one ... " ?

Where I come from, "six of one, half a dozen of the other" means "same difference." In other words, the implication was that Chang and Nero were summarily executed. That's not how I see it. They were enemy combatants who died in war. Not the same thing.

If we agree, fine. If not, fine. I was just putting it out there.
My meaning was killing Chang and killing Nero were pretty much the same thing/situation. Not that killing an enemy combatant in battle is execution. My take was you were saying one was a execution and one wasn't.
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