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Re: So Bajor made one of it's moons uninhabitable for some energy

Let's remember that the Bajorans never had any use for that habitable moon during their millennia of civilization - the first-ever settlers apparently only arrived during the Cardassian occupation, Mullibok being the very first at episode-minus-forty-years. The moon's biosphere was worthless to them for most of their history, and apparently still worthless to all of them but Mullibok at the time of the episode.

We know Bajorans colonize; at least the post-occupation Bajorans do, both within their own system ("Past Prologue") and outside (from refugee settlements in "Ensign Ro" to staking claims in Gamma later on). Yet Jerrado for some reason held no interest to them. Moreover, there were parts of Bajor itself that remained uninhabited despite being habitable ("Sanctuary"). We can count out various reasons to hold on to Jerrado's jungles, then: Bajorans don't have any shortage of jungles, Bajorans don't want to conquer every tessipate of land out there, and Bajorans have their choice of habitable territory even without Jerrado.

On the other side of coin, freezing to death in winter is not a realistic prospect with the numbers and facts given. We have no reason to think these beneficiaries of Jerrado energy would be in dire straits; Toran says the plan is to heat some houses, but somehow those houses were heated in the preceding year, decade and century already.

Nor is it realistic to assume anybody would die (except out of suicidal tendencies - c.f. Mullibok!) even if their lives depended on receiving power. If the winter is so severe as to threaten their survival lest the houses be heated by a specific type of power, then the winter isn't providing them with any sustenance; they might just as well move out to a more hospitable part of the planet. A thousand-mile exodus is a relative triviality various elements of humanity have survived easily enough, often multiple times in a row, without the benefit of a militia apparently well supplied in spacecraft and capable of moving 200,000 people in a matter of weeks if need be. Hell, these people could be moved to Jerrado without much trouble!

Heating those homes is just a convenience and a politically driven project, not a matter of life and death, unless something is kept hidden from us here. It's just that the other side of the equation doesn't amount to much, either: Bajorans do not have a particular need or love for Jerrado. Possibly they even want the damned thing rendered uninhabitable as soon as possible, so as to eradicate the evidence of Cardassian presence there (we never learned whether their mining projects, mentioned by Mullibok, actually came to anything).

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