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Finished Watching ENT (Warning: Spoilers)

I just finished watching the last episode of ENT (finally!) after watching it for the first time this past month or so.

I know a lot of people tend to dislike TATV, but I am not sure why? It was one of the only episodes in the series that made me tear up/cry. It kind of closed up everything nicely, had very moving scenes, and seemed pretty powerful to me. I also cried at the previous episode, that I think may have been more well-done, "Terra Prime". I am usually very critical of a series' last episode (I have ranted about Endgame on many occasions and about other shows endings that are non-Trek), but I have little criticism of TATV.

That said, I am a sucker for happy endings and prefer things that end the way I would have liked I disliked the fact that they killed off Trip and Elizabeth (T'Pol and Trip's baby).

I thought the last 4 episodes were extremely powerful and made me very moved. I feel very sad that they cancelled this show when they did because it really got better with time.

I see things all the time about wanting to bring ENT back for another season on Netflix (would be Season 5)...but to be honest, without Trip and also without the crew staying together, it wouldn't be nearly the same show. I am sure once the ENT producers were told it was not renewed for a 5th season, that is why they had to wrap everything up very quickly there at the end and sign the coalition of planets. If the show was going to last the standard 7 seasons, that would have occurred at the end of Season 7.

That said, I really loved Season 4. I thought it was very moving and powerful. But, the mushy side of me just wanted Trip and T'Pol to have a happy ending with their child, even if the child was conceived without their permission. It was obvious that they loved each other and would have taken great care of the baby. Even if the baby had died...the two still could have ended up together. Perhaps showing 6 years later that they had conceived a child of their own (since the doctor did say that by natural means, the child would have a good chance of surviving despite the mixing of DNA). I mean, they mentioned it DELIBERATELY at the end of "Terra Prime" with subtext obviously alluding to the fact that T'Pol and Trip could successfully have a child of their own...and then they didn't. What a let down that was. D:

At the beginning of the series, I wanted nothing more than for T'Pol and Archer to get was obvious they cared for each other and had good it's funny to me that towards the end I wanted nothing more than for T'Pol to end up with Trip.

Some stuff that I believe they messed up with:
-Underdevelopment of Mayweather and Reed.
-Not explaining why Reed tends to be anti-social and doesn't get along well with his parents.
-Never resolving some arcs like the Suliban issue / temporal cold war.
-Why does Daniels "from the future" visit Archer?? I loved those scenes, but I don't think they ever really explained it fully??? It reminded me of Sisko and the prophet visits, but at least that had a concrete reasoning behind it. Maybe they DID explain it and I missed something? I might have to check on that.
-They re-used some plotlines/ideas from Voyager and DS9 that I just noticed while watching certain episodes.
-My personal preference of T'Pol and Trip not being together at the end. BOOOOOO. After all of that agonizing drama, they really should have been together. It made a lot of what they went through kind of meaningless.

Other than my above grievances...I have to say great show and I wish it had lasted longer. Also, I don't think it should be hated on as much as it is. IMO, it was a good watch and tied up loose ends that other series hadn't done.
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