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Re: Justice League FLashpoint at comicon (+video clip)

Yeah thought this was one of the better movies they've done. I hadn't read the comic so I had no clue what was supposed to happen, but seeing all the dark, alternate characters was pretty fun and kept things nicely unpredictable. The idea of the Amazons going to war with the Atlanteans was a cool one, and the dynamic between Flash and this dark Batman was really interesting to watch as well.

Although the fact this whole, alternate world resulted from Flash saving his mother definitely came out of nowhere (did this scene get edited out or something?), and was a bit hard to buy.

And I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed that the final story involving the original DC universe (at least in the movie's version of the story).... didn't even involve the actual DC characters, but only their twisted, evil doppelgangers.

Somehow that just seems a bit wrong.
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