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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Thius episode was ok. The stuff with Katana was a bit confusing. I get why he's testing her, and I kind of get the test of her getting into the library, but what did that book leading her somewhere have to do with anything? Was it planned by Bruce to have her follow him to the place he was fighting Anarky, or was that just a coincidence? Also, it wasn't much of a test. For all Katana knew, that just happened to be a book Bruce or Alfred was randomly reading while reasearching a buisness matter or something. Just because it might have been the most recently used book in the room didn't mean that it had special significance.

Anarky definately didn't seem like "batman's moriarty" this episode. He just seemed like a crazy guy about as threatening as an average bat villain. He was still better than Pyg or Toad, though. I thought he'd be portrayed as a bit more of a threat for being a supposed bug arch nemesis of batman, but he actually came off as a bit whiny. He could improve in time, and he wasn't bad here, he just wasn't quite what I expected. Overall, this was an entertaining enough episode, although the show still hasn't won me over.
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