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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

For the films, I definitely agree. But as a subplot in a long-running TV series? I could see that be something running through SHIELD, with our main characters maybe taking different stances.

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^True, the second season was an improvement over the languidly-paced first, but I still found XME overall to be the weakest of the three X-Men shows in its writing -- which is a shame, since it was by far the best-animated of the three, and one of the most gorgeously animated TV series I've ever seen.
Absolutely agreed about the animation. I think overall I like the character selection better too - Kitty and Kurt especially, plus Cable has always bored me - and maybe characterization (with allowance that they're at radically different stages for most of them). Certainly I've come to prefer the Evo take on Rogue; super-flying-brick Rogue from TAS is a lot of fun (though too many "Sugahs") and it's nice to have a female character as the physical heavy-hitter, but Evo's Rogue was just more interesting. The fact that it was a pretty clean-slate sort of adaptation worked in its favor too; I don't know it ever got as strong as the (relatively) straight adaptation of The Phoenix Saga, but it felt a lot more straightforward too. Though I really need to rewatch X-Men:TAS one of these days because while it was one of the pillars of my childhood with Batman and Spider-Man, it's been a very long time.

I have nothing but disinterest towards WatXM just from the title; watched an episode or two late-night once, but overall blurgh. Wolverine in TAS - fun character, vital but didn't take over the show. Wolverine in Evo - nice that he wasn't the focus, but again a very important part. WatXM? Ugh....
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