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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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I don't know the character from the comics but I was disappointed that a character named Anarky would have such a prototypical costume. He should look more unrestrained if you ask me than a white retread of the Spectre.
It's actually not that different from the character's original costume, except that it's white instead of red and doesn't include the wide-brimmed hat. Presumably the change to white was for the sake of the chess-kings metaphor, so he'd contrast with the black-clad Batman.

Besides, technically, if you take randomness to its ultimate extreme, you get a uniform, undifferentiated whole. If parts of the whole are different from other parts, then there is some structure, some order, on at least a local scale. So in a sense, a field of pure white symbolizes the ultimate form of chaos.

The weakest of the three episodes so far. This one was just a little too by-the-numbers, most of us have seen these kind of tests play out like this in many shows.
It was a bit much for Bruce Wayne to admit to Tatsu that he has his own Danger Room. That's not the kind of training facility one would expect from a billionaire playboy. Plus scenes like that are such a cliche in superhero cartoons.
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