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Re: One-time guest stars

-Iggy Pop as a Vorta in 'The Magnificent Ferengi". This would've been very do-able if they had wanted to since Vortas were all clones anyway.

-Saved by the Bell's Lark Voorhies, who was a romantic interest for Jake. I believe that was the episode where he and Nog went on a double date.

-The guy who played Buck Bokai in "If Wishes Were Horses." It was a pretty good performance and would've been neat to see the Siskos playing baseball with him on the holodeck in a little scene later on.

-the guy who played Senator Vreenak "In the Pale Moonlight". Of course, he died, so....

-Brian Keith (Hardcastle and McCormick) as the Bajoran farmer in "Progress". Great performance.

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