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Re: Best Audio Book?

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How's the Cyberman series? I wasn't really that interested until I noticed James Swallow wrote the second run.
I'm a fan of Cyberman. Cold and heartless-- but that's what you want, I think! It has a very raw feel to it. I reviewed it all here:

Is there an intro story in or "jumping off" point from the main range for stuff like Cyberman, Dalek Empire and I, Davros?
Kind of. The Dalek Empire draws vaguely on some stuff set up in the "Dalek Empire" strand of the main range: The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, The Mutant Phase, and Time of the Daleks. But it's pretty minor.

Ditto, the Cyberman audios take place in the same milieu as Sword of Orion and Kingdom of Silver (the Orion Wars in the 26th century), but there's no plot overlap.

I, Davros also builds off some stuff established in Davros. You should listen to Davros, mostly 'cause it's brilliant.
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