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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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I think someone was asking what Kate's FB page was posting lately; here's one that just appeared in my news feed:

Critics At Large: Orange is the New Black: Not Your Father’s Prison Series
Nice one!

Here's another.

And a cast of characters/actors...

Of course, not everyone agrees with us, but then again some people prefer to play the contrarian.

At least Denise admits she stopped after just three episodes.

Can you believe she dropped it because of Alex's eyebrows (I personally have issues with her hair color) and 1 scene with a bloody tampon, 1 with regurgitating peppers and 1 of public urination??

God help us if she made it to the final scene of the finale!

I can understand how she feels about the "all men are terrible" charge... then again she did stop watching too soon. Lots of women get smeared with that charge in this series... and not just the ones in the prison.

If she hung around, she would understand more about the life of desperation many of these men (and women) lead, she would also meet a great fellow named Baptiste who thus far has done nothing worse than marry someone besides Miss Claudette... and deliver girls to work in the "merry maids" sweat shop.

I can definitely see how she might not "like" the protagonist. What Denise doesn't realize it that she doesn't have to like Piper to enjoy the show. Piper may be the "everywoman", our entrance in to the prison drama... but like most of us she is found lacking in some/many ways.

The point of her/our journey is to face our faults and find a way to rise above them.

I think its funny that Denise complains that stuff that happens in the series didn't happen in the book.

The book was a memoir based on Piper Kerman's life in jail.

The series took that skeleton of an idea about a transient money transporting lesbian for a drug cartel turned yuppie heterosexual fiancée headed for prison and ran with it in ways that make advertisers and subscriber seeking media companies sit up and take notice.

I certainly did.
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