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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

10x5-Uninvited: This episode, I think, was meant to be a character piece for Landry and Mitchell to bond in the cabin. What we find out during the episode is that the Sodan cloaking field which has operated fine for them for centuries is suddenly having a side affect. Due to a certain radiation it emits we've altered it to allow us to use it. This alteration though caused a creature who had been unable to penetrate our universe to do so. This parasitic creature burrows into a living creature and while it feeds on you emits a secretion that mutates your DNA!!
A member of The Trust is attempting to spy on Mitchell and Landry and a pair of bears have been mutated, causing havok in the woods. In what is possibly as bad a CGI creature on the show, or in general, that I've ever seen these hairless, blood veined animal creatures looked pretty bad. Top it off the writing for the "moments" with Landry and Mitchell were pretty bad. An underwhelming episode for sure.

10x6-200: All is forgiven cause this episode was AWESOME!! Until I watched the special feature on the disc I didn't realize the Wormhole Extreme episode marked episode 100. I really didn't get the duality of 200 till well into the episode. The in-jokes, self-depracting humor and jovial fun at the genre were all great. The opening with the ROTJ spoof followed by Star Trek and Farscape ones was great! The zombie, private eye and Wizard of Oz were also great!! The tribute would've been perfect if we also could've had Hammond(although we did get him as a puppet) and Quinn in some way. Really solid episode!!

10x7-Counterstrike: The Ori strike back with Vala's baby girl in command, Adria. Adria is Morena Baccarin, good choice, I'd convert to Origin as well. The episode begins with undercover SG teams on an Ori held world. As worshippers gather a familiar looking planetary wave sweeps the world clean of life, the SG teams get beamed out just in time. Come to find out the new Jaffa Nation leader is using the Ancient weapon on Dakara to do this. Modified again since last using it against the Replicators. While this act is reprehensible it has left an Ori mother ship open for the taking, for study. SG-1 gets on board and shortly after find a Jaffa boarding party is also now laying claim to the ship. Tensions flare. Adria reveals herself, she has been in hiding. She has an amulet that protects her from all, Dakar weapon and all. Adria wants answers as to what happened and begins to probe Jackson's mind but his mind is strong. She changes to tactics to one of the Jaffa soldiers though and finds out about the weapon on Dakara. Adria commands the ship to Dakara and obliterates the weapon and the Jaffa leadership, rendering the new Jaffa Nation just about obsolete.
How the Jaffa Nation recovers from this should be interesting. One leader becomes a Prior, another makes choices that gets the council and their main weapon destroyed. I'm guessing we'll see Adria again as a means to wrap up the Ori story by seasons end.

10x8-Memento Mori: A Vala character piece that starts with her and Daniel getting off base. This is awesome cause she's never allowed to leave the base. Members of The Trust must've still had spies in SGC, cause how else would they know Vala was leaving. They just show up and kidnapper from the restaurant as she goes to the bathroom The Gou'ald infected Trust members are wanting info Vala had when she was Qutesh. Using the mental extraction device they are beginning to make progress. However, an SG strike force intervenes trying to get Vala back. In this process a malfunction happens giving Vala amnesia as she flees the fire fight. She stumbles into a small town and gets work as a waitress. Since no real info of importance is gained about The Trust, Gou'ald or Vala's life as Qutesh this felt exactly like a character centric filler episode.

This disc was 50/50, two really good and two kinda bland episodes.
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