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Re: Kira Nerys = Hot

I'm surprised there isn't much recognition of Kira as a romantic character. There are so few good relationships in ST: they are either off camera (Sulu, Tuvok), short-lived (Marcus, Worf with K'Ehleyr and Jadzia Dax), complicated by career (virtually everyone Picard was involved with), or practically sabotaged by the characters discomfort with emotions and physicality (Seven of Nine, Torres, Data, T'Pol). There were good relationships on DS9--the O'Briens and, eventually, Sisko-Yates--but Kira's were the only to obtain any romantic depth. That's not to say that they were perfect relationships or that they were, in general, great representations of romance. However, they evolved against the backdrop of an evermore depressing narrative, without undermining Kira's basic character, and without making sex "weird."

It's weird, Kira on screen in DS9 I find to be good looking, but not even close to "super hot" status.
I think I feel the opposite way. Visitor is loopy, IMO; Farrell was the truly stunning beauty. However, the character and the performance greatly elevated her attractiveness.
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